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Andreas Polykarpou’s actively involvement in carpentry began in 1969, based in Larnaca. Having gone through a successful period, he decided that it was time to expand the business and move to its’ current location, next to Aradippou Industrial Estate. Gradually, with the participation of his sons, the creation of the company A. POLYKARPOU & SONS LTD, was complete.

During the period 1969-1989 A. Polykarpou was involved in all types of wood works with customers who were mainly private individuals. In 1990 the company council decided that it would be a wise step for the company to specialize in one item of manufacture – kitchen doors and cabinets. Later in 2004, we took an important investment strategy in the purchase of machinery which included the new type machine CNC – Computer Numerical Controlled (work center) targeting the improvement in door production. Theory was put into practice At the beginning of 2008, after common verification by the company advisers, it was decided that we could offer to our vast clientele, new products in the range of kitchen cabinets wardrobe cabinets, something which the Cypriot market was lacking and could be offered to professional carpenters, and we therefore proceeded and after a number of significant investments in the machinery market (a 2nd modern CNC) 2008 saw the commencement of a new line production in kitchen and wardrobe cabinets. At the same time we can facilitate you to observe the new production model for kitchens and wardrobes, which include printed dimensions and at our offices there is a kitchen design section with 3 dimensional design program which can offer these services.

For the last forty-five years we have succeeded with:

Experience and professionalism
Technology and highly trained personnel
The best choice in raw materials

Today looking at the positive response from our customers in our products, we feel vindicated and we promise to do whatever is best to continue our rise to the top.

Our company offers to you our new catalogue, an essential tool for kitchen doors, which in turn will you, serve best your customers.

Continuing with the curriculum of our company it is important to mention that in 2002 in line with our cooperation with professional carpenters, which number between 350-400 active customers, today we are dealing again with all kinds of carpentry work mainly with private clients.

In this area we worked with several contractors and participated in major manufacturing all kinds of carpentry.

In summary, our company can manufacture kitchens, cabinets, interior doors, made with any type of solid wood, plywood veneer, pvc coated plywood or melamine.

We can manufacture the above along modern, classic or semi-classic lines.

The past ten years our company has been manufacturing specialized products (kitchens, cabinets, interior doors, furniture) hand carved gilded with gold leaf or sometimes with metallic gold finger paste in different colors.

Our furniture can be fitted with various antique effect patina colors by combining objects and carved gold leaf which can have amazing results.

Sincerely Andreas Polykarpou